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Local News & Press coverage of the City Blinds MAKE IT SAFE campaign

Throughout the week, and especially at the main event on Saturday we succeeded in distributing well over 5000 safety leaflets and also gave away around 3700 FREE safety devices.

  Click STV logo to go to STV PLAYER. DUNDEE 21/06/10 (8min 20 seconds in)

Kevin McGee and Stewart Hosie MP discuss & demonstrate the importance of Child Safe Blinds by City Blinds.

Window blind cords and chains can pose a serious risk for babies, children and vulnerable people who could injure or even strangle themselves on the hanging looped cords. Now the British Blind and Shutter Association have developed some simple, cheap but effective means of preventing these risks.

Stewart Hosie MP went along to the City Square yesterday during Child Safety Week to find out and to show his support for the improvements.

He is pictured with Kevin McGee, Manager of City Blinds in Dundee, which is a member of the BBSA, at their roadshow, demonstrating the new safety clip of the Child Safe Blinds.

Stewart said: I was delighted to meet Kevin and to learn about the effective new improvements to window blinds.  The British Blind and Shutter Association deserve credit for leading the development of these child-safety aspects which will mean they are more child safe.

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Produced in association with:

ROSPA, Child Accident Prevention Trust, CEN EN.13120, BBSA - MAKE IT SAFE

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